Terraces View

The Trip


My trip to Kweilin is a memorable one. I was with a close friend of mine who told me that Kweilin is a magical place that we should visit. We stayed there for a week. Let me tell you that you don’t need to have big amount of money to visit this hidden treasure. They have all the amenities that a tourist would look for. The food are great too.

Yangshuo County

In this place, you will witness the majestic intertwining of Guilin river and Li River¬†and Yangshuo county. Imagine yourself as Marco Polo as you try bamboo rafting along the river. It was a pleasant experience. The vastness of the river makes you think of a song,”Moon River”.

Longsheng Rice Terraces or usually called the ¬†Dragon’s Backbone

This place is a must see but don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes. The smell of this place is overflowing with herby scents. You’ll like to visit this place in the morning when fog envelopes the terraces and watch it begone at 10 AM. You will witness the simple living of the people there. Watch the natives as they dance and sing to their crop, what a story to behold.

Guilin Reed Flute Cave

If you are into a cave adventure, then don’t miss the Guilin Reed Flute Cave. It was believed by their ancestors that the reed of the cave can turn into flutes. The cave is natural wonder full of stalactites, stalagmites, stone curtains, and stone pillars.

If you are looking for an exotic place to spend you vacation, you should consider going there. The exotic place will create wonderful memories and unusual discoveries.