China Restaurants

The Restaurant

My cravings for something new always take  me to many places. I’ve been searching for something fresh, simple but very straightforward. The search is over when I found Kweilin Cantonese Restaurant.

The Place

The restaurant offers you a warm and pleasurable dining experience. They don’t dwell too much on decorations, they have some but you’ll know that it is not one of their greatest strength. In my case, I’m here to eat. If there’s a part of my body you need to please at this time, it would be my taste buds. The set up of the place doesn’t concern me, I let the food talk for themselves. But the place is not horrible at all. It has all the things you need to be comfortable as you devour their healthy and tasty dishes.

The Food

Now we’re talking. The dishes you could find there are Cantonese Food. They have collected all these amazing dishes to bring in one place. The menu gives you the freedom to choose any dish depending on your mood. If you want to eat heavy, they have rice, beef, seafood, and chicken. They have dumplings, too (my favorite). If you want something light, you can order soup and appetizers.

Will I recommend it? Yes! Big yes. For more reviews about their restaurant you can visit:, and