Different kinds of dimsums

Best Dumplings Are Here!

Dumplings are the best! I can’t eat it everyday without getting tired.  Let me share you the best Chinese dumplings. Make sure you include them on your next order when visiting the restaurant. You can ask for extra Chinese chili sauce and calamansi juice to give your dumplings a nice spicy and sour dip. I’m so hungry even by just writing about dumplings. Let’s us finish the list so I can go out and get some, shall we?


Gow Choy Gau is a dimsum made from pork back fat and chopped shrimp. It is wrapped with a translucent wrapper making it very smooth and soft. They added herbs to give it a little twist. Gow Cho Gau is best when hot so if you’re planning to order, dine-in instead of take out.

char gow dimsum


Momo dumplings are adapted originally from Tibet and Nepal. Momo has so many versions already as they tried to add personality to the dish. The best version I tasted so far is the one filled with beef with some chopped cabbage and potato. Don’t forget to try its partner sauce, called Sepen. A sauce with garlic, ginger, and chilies mashed altogether to create a one red spicy sauce.

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These flower like dish  comes with different varieties, you can choose from grounded pork & shrimp, beef, and chicken. Siu Mai is steamed meat and mixed with glutinous rice to make it firm and gives it a chewy texture that you will surely enjoy in every bite. You can dip it with Chinese chili sauce with a hint of Calamansi juice and soy sauce to add complement the flavor.

Siu Mai Dimsum


Nian Dou Bao is quite different from other dumplings. It is made from sticky steamed bun filled with slightly sweetened bean paste. You can actually make your own Nian Dou Bao and stock them to your freezer and steam it whenever you feel like it. Unlike other dimsum, it has long shell life because of the bean paste. Let me warn you that it is very filling and satisfying, one bun can go a long way. I like to have it as an afternoon snack, the soft bun and the sweetness of the bean paste can be so energizing, a great way to wake up your sleepy head during afternoon breaks.


Try Them Fried!

What I like about Kweilin Restaurant is they give you option on how you want your dumplings cooked? They’ll ask you whether you want to fry eat or steam it. If you are tired of the steamed version, you can try the fried version. It’s still a lot better than your usual fried chicken.

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Here are all the dumplings in their menu. Which one do you like? Let me know and send me an email.