The Uniqueness Of China

great wall of china

Believe it or not, there’s more to the world’s most populous country than it seems to be.

You see, China is not only best known for its rich history that is mostly evident in well-known historical sites like the Great Wall of China and the Forbidden City. You also see, China is not only best known for its vibrant culture that mostly evident in well-known cultural sites like the Temple of Heaven and the Grand Canal. You even see, China is not only best known for its lively people that is mostly evident in well-known popular sites like the Fortifications of Xi’an and the Tiananmen Square.

Because ladies and gentlemen, China is best known – far more than anything else in the country – for their wide range of sumptuous dishes. Be it made into a simple rice cake dish or made into a complex flour rice dish, China is undeniably great in making sure that every dish being served to consumers are of satisfying quantity and of utmost quality.

And that’s because ladies and gentlemen, China is best known – far beyond than anything else in the world – for their vast land of agricultural plants. Be it grown naturally with a bright sun light or grown artificially with a LED grow light, China is undeniably great in making sure that every plant being sold to customers are of utmost quantity and of satisfying quality.

And that’s the uniqueness of China – their ability to make great dishes naturally and by hand, further ensuring consumers of utmost quality; and their capability to grow great plants artificially and still by hand, further ensuring customers of satisfying quality.

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And that’s the uniqueness of China – their capability to make things naturally and by hand with only tools as friends, further assuring consumers of satisfying quantity; and their ability to create things artificially and still by hand with no equipments as friends, further assuring customers of utmost quantity.

Indeed, there’s more to the world’s most populous country than it seems to be.

And indeed, there’s more to the uniqueness of China and their ability to make great dishes naturally and by hand in utmost quality and their capability to grow great plants artificially and still by hand in satisfying quality; as well as their capability to make things naturally and by hand in satisfying quantity and their ability to create things artificially and still by hand in utmost quantity.

A Rare Gem In China

reed flute cave

Guilin, formerly known as Kweilin, is a city in China that is best known for its osmanthus trees; hence, its name that literally means Forest of Sweet Osmanthus. Also considered a prefecture-level city in the northeast China region, this popular tourist destination is actually the perfect epitome of Mother Nature herself. There’s the Cuiping Village with a scenic view of tall hills, as well as the Xinping Village with a picturesque view of connecting islands. There’s also the still Li River, which links Guilin to the lush Yangshou County. There’s even the Reed Flute Cave, where tall reeds are made into musical flutes.

But you know what?

There’s more.

Guilin also inspired the world-class Kweilin Restaurant, a Chinese restaurant in Scotland that features delicacies from this rare gem of a city itself. Some of their most popular dishes include spring rolls, fried rice, and prawn crackers. They are rated 4.5 on TripAdvisor, further proving that their dishes are nothing but deliciously delicious than other delicious dishes out there.

And, let’s not forget the fact that Guilin is well-known in the food industry for their delicate tastes – with horse meat being used as pairing for noodles, and also glutinous rice as pairing for dumplings, and even mung bean paste as pairing for bamboos.

Indeed, there’s more.

There’s more to China than what it seems to be.

There’s more to Guilin than what it seems to be.

Most of all, there’s more to me than what people in China – or even other girls who travel – seem to think so.

And it’s all thanks to this blog…

How about you?

Have you ever been to China? Have you ever been to Guilin? How was your experience there? What was your favorite go-to destination?

How do you find Guilin’s cuisine? Why or why not?

How do you find Kweilin Restaurant’s dishes? Why or why not?

Do you know any other places to go, as well as things to do, in Guilin? Let us know in the comments section below!

Different kinds of dimsums

Best Dumplings Are Here!

Dumplings are the best! I can’t eat it everyday without getting tired.  Let me share you the best Chinese dumplings. Make sure you include them on your next order when visiting the restaurant. You can ask for extra Chinese chili sauce and calamansi juice to give your dumplings a nice spicy and sour dip. I’m so hungry even by just writing about dumplings. Let’s us finish the list so I can go out and get some, shall we?


Gow Choy Gau is a dimsum made from pork back fat and chopped shrimp. It is wrapped with a translucent wrapper making it very smooth and soft. They added herbs to give it a little twist. Gow Cho Gau is best when hot so if you’re planning to order, dine-in instead of take out.

char gow dimsum


Momo dumplings are adapted originally from Tibet and Nepal. Momo has so many versions already as they tried to add personality to the dish. The best version I tasted so far is the one filled with beef with some chopped cabbage and potato. Don’t forget to try its partner sauce, called Sepen. A sauce with garlic, ginger, and chilies mashed altogether to create a one red spicy sauce.

Snack Dumplings Chinese Food Asian Cooking


These flower like dish  comes with different varieties, you can choose from grounded pork & shrimp, beef, and chicken. Siu Mai is steamed meat and mixed with glutinous rice to make it firm and gives it a chewy texture that you will surely enjoy in every bite. You can dip it with Chinese chili sauce with a hint of Calamansi juice and soy sauce to add complement the flavor.

Siu Mai Dimsum


Nian Dou Bao is quite different from other dumplings. It is made from sticky steamed bun filled with slightly sweetened bean paste. You can actually make your own Nian Dou Bao and stock them to your freezer and steam it whenever you feel like it. Unlike other dimsum, it has long shell life because of the bean paste. Let me warn you that it is very filling and satisfying, one bun can go a long way. I like to have it as an afternoon snack, the soft bun and the sweetness of the bean paste can be so energizing, a great way to wake up your sleepy head during afternoon breaks.


Try Them Fried!

What I like about Kweilin Restaurant is they give you option on how you want your dumplings cooked? They’ll ask you whether you want to fry eat or steam it. If you are tired of the steamed version, you can try the fried version. It’s still a lot better than your usual fried chicken.

Food Cantonese Dim Sum Dimsum Chinese Dumpling


Here are all the dumplings in their menu. Which one do you like? Let me know and send me an email.

Chinese buffet

My Favorite Kweilin’s Main Dishes

Kweilin’s Spicy Vegetable Stir-Fry

It has the sweetness, spiciness, and the crunch all in one dish. The Shrimp and the squid complement’s the charsiu sauce and coats every noodles, making it very tasty and flavorful. Caution this dish is very satisfying. One serving can make you feel full. So if you are planning to try their other dish bring someone with you. Their serving is good for 2-3 persons.

Stir-fry vegetables

Roasted Pecking Duck with Special Dip

Don’t think of it as a roasted chicken. There’s more to it. It is the premium roasted pecking duck. This dish is one of the oldest recipes Chinese practiced for hundreds of years. They are so good with it because they consider roasting of pecking duck an art. They even run contests among well-known chefs, bring them in one place, to find out who can bring the best roasted pecking duck on the table. It’s a heavy, exotic dish paired with vegetable side dish and a special dip. It is meant to be enjoyed by 2-3 persons.

Pecking duck

Classic Fried Egg Rice

Chinese are the best when it comes to fried rice. Kweilin’s classic fried rice can be eaten alone or with a main dish. The rice is complete with eggs, meat, onion springs, and vegetables.

Classic Fried Rice

Steamed Seafood Sautéed In Sticky Sauce

You will wonder how they can make soft and chewy steamed seafood. Normally, if you steam a squid it will turn into a hard firm dish. But this dish is different, the squid is very soft, you can even tear it part. The dish has very sticky sauce that gives the flavor to the squid. There are sautéed vegetables on the side to give it more texture and some crunch.

Steam Seafood

Special Beef Wanton Soup

If you are looking for something to shake out the cold, this soup is the best for you. It is very meaty and flavorful. The noodles are tender and the soup is made from authentic boiled beef bones and meat. They don’t use powder and that’s what makes this food authentic. They literally boil bones for hours and hours until the soup gets all the flavor from the beef. Just one sip and you’re sold. Bonus, you get to taste their dumplings and they come with your beef wanton soup.

beef wanton soup

Sweet And Sour Pork

This not new to us but their version is the best compared to all other restaurants. The perfectly spiced and fried pork sautéed in sweet and sour sauce plus the crunchy vegetables make it a delight-able dish. Pair it with some wine and whew.. you got yourself a good meal.

Sweet and sour pork