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Unique is not for an ordinary foodie. The love for food translates to how we embrace different delicacies of different countries. In this website, we feature Chinese food that are all-time favorites due to their uniqueness in taste.


Kweilin offers great varieties of dishes molded by time, art, and tradition. Brace yourself as we take you for a ride in the beautiful City of Kweilin in China. Let us warn you that as you read our blog, you will find yourself falling in love in the magnificent sites which can only found in this historic city.


Kweilin Restaurant has been my favorite places to visit. It has been a food haven upon the discovery of the  place. I found myself curious and kept on coming back for more. This place offers you a warm and happy place to dine. I will recommend it to anyone I know.

Kweilin Trip

The reason I tried to eat here is due to my visit to Kweilin now recognized as Guilin. I fell in love with the beautiful sights they have there. The scenes have a panoramic view, perfect places to visit to unwind, contemplate, and just forget the daily buzz of a city life.