Top 4 Food to Eat in Front of Your Fancy Fireplace

There’s nothing better than spending winter by your fireplace and eating with only relaxation on your mind. Sometimes, there’s no better place to be than home, where you can spend your holidays the way you want to and where you can eat delicious treats whenever you desire.

But you have to take note, and not all foods can be eaten in front of your fireplace. So, after cutting firewood with your reliable chainsaw and setting up your fireplace, pick only these top four foods to eat. Not only are they delectable, but they will also make your fireplace photos aesthetic.

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Note: These are not arranged in any order.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Cheddar Grilled Cheese Lunch Sour Dough Sandwich

Looking good and tasting good, this is what a grilled cheese is all about! A gooey grilled cheese even surprisingly tastes better on a wintry day. You can add a bowl of tomato soup for dipping and share your Instagram-worthy picture. I suggest you take a picture with your camera on a tripod and set on a timer so you can take a photo of yourself doing that yummy-looking cheese pull.


It may be uncommon, but once you’ve tried eating waffles in front of your fireplace, you’d be surprised why it’s not common! Chocolate syrup and a bit of whipped cream will make the waffle even more extra, as well as giving a glass of hot chocolate the honor to serve as your drink. With waffles, you’ll be hitting two birds with one stone–a perfect Instagram shot and a satisfied palate!

Chicken Noodle Soup


Take a break from all the sweetness of waffles and enjoy the ultimate soup of comfort! With some classical or instrumental music, you can take your soup-eating by the fireplace to a different level of tranquility. What better way to spend the cold days than this, right?

Chocolate Chip Cookies


The last one on our list is probably the most popular fireplace food. If you haven’t eaten chocolate chip cookies while sitting in front of your lovely fireplace, then you should start doing so! Whether those cookies were store-bought or baked by you or others, they can surely make your holidays feel much better. Partner them with a glass of milk, and you’ll feel fancier than the Queen herself.

What are you waiting for? Chop firewood with your chainsaw now and start a pleasant journey by your fireplace!